Waiting For Architecture is a Web archive dedicated to promoting the work of 5th Year B.Arch students at Woodbury University’s School of Architecture in Burbank, California. The research and design material on this site are examples of work from Professional Practice 2 (AR448) and Degree Project (AR492). All work on this site was developed under the supervision of Participating Adjunct, John Southern. Co-Instructors who co-taught with John in during the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Degree Project sequence are Scott Wolf, Kelly Bair, and Jennifer Bonner, respectively. The projects on display will be updated periodically so it is recommended you check back frequently in order to see what people are working on. You can contact John by email at john.southern@woodbury.edu. (Note: The maps below represent work from the various years, and catalog John's focus on the relationships between architecture and infrastructure in the contemporary city.)