Woodbury University
Course Syllabus

AR 492.0


PREREQUISITE – AR 448, Professional Practice 2: Research and Pre-Design
AR 491, Design Studio 5A: Contemporary Topics Studio

SEMESTER – Spring 2011

INSTRUCTOR S–S1: Jennifer Bonner and John Southern

DAYS/TIME –Monday/Thursday 1PM-6PM



Students must demonstrate the application of theoretical research and positioning, plus the ability to integrate site, program and other design issues in a self-initiated architectural design project through a rigorous level of work which is clearly resolved, demonstrating a high degree of critical thinking, skill and craft. Studio, twelve hours a week.


This Degree Project Studio section continues instructor John Southern's research in examining the role between architecture and infrastructure in the contemporary city. The students are to use their research, which they have collected during the Fall semester in Professional Practice II, to produce and develop an architectural response to the contextual relationships that are to be found between derelict urban sites and L.A.’s transit rail network (both existing and planned). The projects produced by the end of the term represent sites and typologies which illuminate the potential for mass transit to serve, not only as a catalyst for development, but one that can produce novel architectural typologies, forms, and programs as well.